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Inland shipping

We provide to Inland ship owners and managers Dutch and European crew for various positions on board. With independent offices in the Netherlands, Philippines and Latvia, we provide all ship owners and managers the right service.

Do you need crew? Right now or in the future? Please contact us and experience our extensive network and expertise with various types of vessels. We offer qualified services for a very favorable rate. "Your crew, Our Care"

Whether it is a dry cargo, sand, bunker tanker or container vessel, with crew from Gerwil you sail the right course, due to our affinity and commitment with the inland shipping market, we are a partner who is offering the best crewing solution for your vacancies.

At the request of the shipping company, we can for the crew like: work clothes, transportation to and from the ship, additional training / courses and other things like insurance, pensions, but also we offer payroll.

Gerwil Crewing Latvia is MLC, ISO and NEN 4400-2 certified

Gerwil Crewing Philippines is MLC, POEA and ISO certified

Gerwil Offshore is NEN 4400-1 and VCU certified.


For reference or questions, please contact us, we are happy to serve you the best